Thursday, March 12, 2009

Poems I Wrote

A Poem 40 years later

In Memory of My Mother
Jane Betty Alexander Miller

Forty years ago you left us,
We could not say goodbye.
We were only children,
And could not understand why.

But as we grew older,
It would become so clear.
God took you away from us,
Because your work was finished here

There was great sadness that day,
But also great joy.
For when he took you to heaven,
On earth he left a baby boy.

You gave life to eleven children,
And your life on earth was hell.
But we're sure that you are happy to know,
That we all turned out so well.

We love you Mom and we miss you here,
But we know that someday we'll see you there.

A last note

How do some couples start out seeming so happy when they first get married, and then have things go so wrong. They looked like they were happy in that photo didn't they? But right from the start, it was bad. I never knew too many happy moments in our house while growing up. And being the oldest, I saw things that I wished I never had. My father beat my mother all those years, and he beat us too. My mother would not have him arrested for fear that he would kill her when he got out of jail.
She died in childbirth from hemorrhaging, but what a lot of people don't know, is that she still had bruises on her body from his beatings the day she died. He never would have gotten away with that now days.
Men will never change, and don't think you can change them. If they have any abusive tendencies at the start, they will only get worse, not better. Get out while you can, and never, never, stay for the children's sake. The emotional scars stay with them for life. Just ask any one of us.


By Ginny

There's eleven of us siblings
We are as different as night and day
Our mother never got to know us
But she is not dead, she is just away.

From the oldest, who had polio,
To the youngest, who was born when she died.
And all the ones in between,
Lord knows how we tried.

To keep them all together
Was a feat that was too much for us to do.
One by one they went away,
I suppose it was the best thing for them too.

Some hated the homes that they were in,
An some didn't say a word to anyone.
One girl was molested in her foster home,
And two ran away, but they had nowhere to run.

All in all, I'd say we all survived somehow.
Made us strong, and able to survive.
But how we kept our sense of humor, is any one's guess.
We still laugh and joke, about the way we spent our lives.

Here it is, almost 40 years later,
And we all are still alive.
If only Mom could see us now.
I think she would be proud and say, I knew you would survive!"

Who knows why God works the way he does,
Some have mothers and some do not.
We are all God's children on this earth.
It's in God's hands and he decides on what we have got.


  1. This was very hard to read, but with each word you write a little piece of your heart heals. You and your brothers and sisters went through so much. God gives us strength and courage in the most difficult situations, that's the only way we can survive when it's like you described. Your Mother was like so many women of that time, staying in a bad marriage for the sake of the kids. My Dad was an alcoholic too so Mom suffered in silence. He wasn't abusive but it took a toll on our family too. I send love and admiration to you Ginny for what you have overcome...
    joy c. at grannymountain

  2. Thank you Joy!! I wrote this so the family would never forget what we went through. especially the young ones. In case something happens to me, it will hopefully stay here. But I also have my whole life wrote out and into a binder. I just thought I'd put a little of it here. I don't care anymore who sees it. I'm not ashamed. It was our life.

  3. Absolutely, it was your life and it made you the strong woman you are. You have a real gift, have you ever thought about sending your Mother's story to an abuse site or speaking with abuse victims? There are still women out there just like your Mom suffering. Your story is powerful.
    joy c.

  4. Never thought about doing that really. I'd never be able to "speak" to anyone....Yikes! I hate being in public. I'm really a recluse these days. I could check abuse sites and direct them to this story I suppose. But then I'd have to tell more stories that I recall..and for now I am tired of writing. Thanks Joy.